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Residents go without water in Carbon County after ‘state of emergency’

Posted at 9:45 PM, Apr 17, 2018

CARBON COUNTY, Utah – It’s been three days since Ann Anderson had water, but she’s getting resourceful.

“When we need water for our toilets, we grab our bucket,” Anderson said as she leads us out her back patio door. “You come outside and fill it up.”

She had a sixty-five-gallon holding take on a trailer in her driveway. The family borrowed it from a friend.

“We’re using bottled water to wash hands, and brush our teeth,” she pointed out. “It’s funny because all the kids are like as long as we have WIFI and Snapchat and everything, we don’t care about the water.”

A water main broke near Carbonville Road and State Road 191 Sunday cutting off water to half the town.

“It’s 30 feet underneath the ground,” said Justin Needles, Carbon County Emergency Manager. “That’s partially due to it being put there 48 years ago.”

Needles said they hope to get the pipe fixed by Wednesday afternoon.