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Utah Adventure: Outdoor Yoga

Posted at 2:09 PM, Apr 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-19 16:09:04-04

Do you love being outdoors? Have a passion for doing yoga? Well, apparently it's incredibly beneficial for your health both mentally and physically to do both together! What better way to experience the outdoor energy of Utah than by hosting yoga events at Utah's beautiful state parks throughout the season?

The Utah State Parks Yoga Series kicks off at Coral Pink Sand Dunes on April 28 and lasts all the way until November. Locations include Dead Horse Point, Antelope Island, Goblin Valley and many more! Check out the list of benefits of doing yoga outdoors below and find out why this group could be great for you!

  1. Research and science show evidence of the outdoors being a powerful effect on lowering the stress hormone cortisol. Research also shows that those who practice yoga and meditation also experience a powerful effect on lowering stress.
  2. Combining yoga and outdoor therapies can greatly magnify the effects on our health.
  3. Practicing yoga in an unpredictable environment can help one discover more about their flexibility, fluidity, adjust-ability, creativity and even generates new neuro-pathways of out-of-the-box thinking which is known to boost brain health.
  4. The outdoors takes us back to the ultimate source of energy, as yoga does, to the essence of creation, existence and life-force.
  5. Senses are energized, activated and strengthened when out in nature. Scent, sight and touch are activated and can make a person more aware grounded and present.
  6. Being one with nature: connecting to yourself, nature and a higher vibration can literally change the chemicals in our bodies, detoxify and regenerate whole health.

If you're interested in joining the Utah State Parks Yoga Series, visit for more information.