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Mark Miller Subaru wins Love Promise Retailer of the Year

Posted at 3:09 PM, Apr 23, 2018

Mark Miller Subaru is taking home this year’s 2018 Love Promise Retailer of the Year. This award is bestowed upon one Subaru retailer throughout the country each year. Since 2010, Mark Miller Subaru has donated nearly $2 million through partnerships with over 100 Utah charities.

This award specifically highlights Mark Millers Subaru's partnership with two outstanding Utah-based charities: Volunteers of America, Utah, and Nuzzles & Co. The Homeless Youth Resource Center run by the Volunteers of America, Utah has provided over 9,457 shelter nights in 2017 and 56,940 meals to over  700 Utah at-risk youth. Nuzzles & Co. has saved the lives of over 17,000 Utah dogs and cats who otherwise would have been euthanized.

After years of hard work, Nuzzles & Co. has helped Utah shelters reach an 85.8% save rate among Utah animal shelters.

Whether you're buying a car at Mark Miller Subaru or simply getting service done, you're helping Mark Miller Subaru "Leave A Mark" on the lives of others in our community!

To learn more about the award and organization, click HERE!