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Utah Jazz introduces eTeam for inaugural season of the NBA 2K eLeague

Posted at 7:23 PM, Apr 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-24 21:23:27-04

SALT LAKE CITY -- The NBA 2K League announced its Jazz team for its inaugural season. The first game day is scheduled for May 1st.

The NBA 2K league received 72,000 qualified players during its tryout months in the beginning of 2018. They only anticipated 10,000 to 12,000. They said that many qualified players shows how much hype is happening in the gaming world over the new NBA 2K league. Of those 72,000 qualified players, only 102 players took a spot on the 17 teams.

“We went through kind of a lengthy process to kind of figure out what competitive video gaming eSports looked like for the Larry Miller Group,” eSport Director and Tech Josh Barney said.

The Jazz has six players who were introduced on Tuesday at Vivint Smart Home Arena, where the real Jazz players won a playoff game against the Oklahoma City Thunder the night before.

“I want people to understand that the NBA 2k League is a sport,” said the new league’s third all around draft pick, Shaka Browne, known by his 2K player name, ‘Yeah I Compete.’ “It’s guys competing at the highest level- very similar to the NBA guys who are playing at the highest platform and trying to compete to win the championship.”

Each player explained their strategy to make it into the league and what it meant to them.

“Where I come from, it’s like one of them moments where I never had a chance to be here, to get here where I am at today, is like a blessing I never had these goals these steps set for me,” said Jazz NBA 2K teammate: Delano “Tifeworld” Allsup Jr.

“When I got the phone call I just rushed to my mama’s room and started crying; I didn’t hear what they were saying to me, I just knew I made it.” Jaishon “Smoove” Scott said.

“I am a four year Navy vet from Boston, I play the power forward because you can affect games in many different ways, rebounding, steals, defense littler of offense," DeMar “Deeds” Butler said. "I like my game to model around Draymond, and Anthony Davis."

“I just remember grabbing my son, and being like 'wow we actually did it,'” Michael “Stambreezy” Stam said.

The teammates:
Shaka “Yeah I Compete” Browne
- No. 3 pick in 2018 NBA League Draft
- Point guard
- Mount Vernon, NY

Malik “MrSlaughter01” Leisinger
- No. 32 overall in NBA 2K League Draft
- Center
- Cleveland, OH

DeMar “Deeds” Butler
- No. 37 overall pick
- Forward
- Boston, Mass.

Delano “Tifeworld” Allsup Jr.
- No. 66 overall pick
- Small guard
- Washington D.C.

Jaishon “Smoove” Scott
- No. 71 overall pick
- Small forward
- Dallas, TX

Michael “Stambreezy” Stam
- No. 100 overall pick
- Power forward
- Charlotte, N.C.

You can watch the games on the app called Twitch.”

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