Hildale councilmen are the latest in FLDS exodus from City Hall

Posted at 11:15 AM, Apr 30, 2018

Hildale City Councilmen Brian Jessop and Doran Jessop have apparently resigned from office, the latest in an exodus of faithful members of the Fundamentalist LDS Church to leave City Hall.

In a public notice published on Monday, the border town’s government announced it would hold a meeting to replace them on May 16.

It was not immediately clear why they resigned from office, but both councilmen are the latest city hall staffers loyal to polygamous leader Warren Jeffs to leave. Brian Jessop has faced some scrutiny recently from federal authorities linked to child labor violations. Mayor Donia Jessop told FOX 13 that he had not attended meetings since January, despite her efforts to reach him.

Other city hall employees resigned shortly after the election of Mayor Jessop and council members who are no longer members of the FLDS Church.

“They stated they had other offers,” Mayor Jessop told FOX 13 in an interview earlier this month. “One letter very clearly stated, ‘I will not serve under a woman or with an apostate.'”