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How to mix old style decor with new

Posted at 6:41 PM, Apr 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-30 20:43:09-04


Andrea Beecher from M3ld says your home should express you, your lifestyle and your personality, so fill your space with things that bring you joy. Don’t worry about what style your furniture and decor are. A lot of us have family heirlooms and antiques. Showcasing those pieces in your space will bring personality and warmth to your home.

Recently M3ld designed a dining area for Laziz Kitchen in Salt Lake Citys Central 9th Neighborhood.Here they mixed midcentury-modern decor with a vintage Lebanese motif. Melding the personality of the food they serve and the heritage of one of the owners with the mid-modern aesthetic they love.  Andrea says modern designs mixe well with other styles because the lines are clean and it don't compete with more ornate or traditional lines.

Andrea also says that art transcends style, modern or traditional. You can certainly put modern art pieces in a traditional space and vice versa. Keep in mind that Art stands on its own.

Also, forget the old wisdom that mixed metals are less sophisticated. No longer are spaces designed with all one metal finish represented.  Andrea says in her own home she has mixed gunmetal platters with ones made of brass.

Mixing textiles between styles has also become a common design trend.  You can easily add modern looking textiles with more traditional ones, like a gold geometric pillow with a traditional damask pattern.  A fun way to successfully mix different styles together is by using pieces that are more traditional and that have a very modern finish, like this Queen Anne dining table you see that has this red lacquer finish on it. The juxtaposition is fun and makes the space more interesting and more personal to the homeowner.

Lastly, the architecture of the home does not have to dictate the style you can have inside. Don’t limit your preferred style. In this 1930’s bungalow, M3ld executed this modern boho aesthetic.
Andrea says remember design is personal. You should enjoy the way your house feels and looks. For more information about Andrea and M3ldClick Here.