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Former Utah child actor speaks on her child sex abuse lawsuit against Hollywood actor

Posted at 11:16 AM, May 07, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY — A complaint filed Monday in 3rd District Court alleges Hollywood actor Tom Sizemore sexually abused an 11-year-old girl while working on a film shoot in Utah in 2003.

According to the complaint, Sizemore and Kiersten Pyke were both acting in a film called "Born Killers" at the time of the alleged abuse. Sizemore is accused of touching Pyke inappropriately, underneath her clothing.

In a news conference Monday, Pyke - who is now 26 years old - said she accidentally sat on Sizemore's hand during the filming of a Christmas scene. As she shifted her body, she said, Sizemore's hand shifted with her.

"I thought I was in his way, you know -  'shoot, sorry' - you know, and I moved over. And I noticed that [Sizemore's] hand does the one thing that I remember like, over and over and over - that his hand had moved with my body," Pyke said in a news conference Monday afternoon. "When a little child moves her body to get out of your hand's way, you don't move and play with your fingers with what's on top of your hand."

The complaint alleges this happened while on set and in the presence of approximately 20 or more people, including Pyke's mother.

"This sexual assault and battery caused enormous damage to Pyke including "serious mental, psychological and emotional problems," "substance addictions," "trust issues," codependency, post-traumatic stress disorder, "emotional breakdowns" and emotional instability, the complaint said.

"I've not been able to trust a lover. I have PTSD, like they said. I'll be watching a TV show or I'll be watching a little kid being held by a family member or something and that's the first thing I think of," Pyke said at the news conference. "I can't - having relationships sexually - it's almost non-existent. It makes having a relationship or having a marriage very hard."

According to the complaint, Sizemore was initially fired from the movie, but the producers "were compelled to hire Sizemore back, and instead fired Pyke from the film.

The complaint asks for judgment against Sizemore for an amount of no less than $3 million.

"The amount [...] is almost irrelevant. It does have weight, but you can't put a price on the childhood that I lost," Pyke said.

Sizemore recently settled another lawsuit against him, in which he was accused of causing serious injuries to a stunt performer during a shoot for a TV show, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Sizemore is known for his supporting roles in "Saving Private Ryan," "Black Hawk Down," "Heat" and other films.

[Editor's Note: FOX 13 does not normally identify alleged victims in coverage of child sex abuse cases, but Pyke has chosen to speak with the media.]