Virginia woman accused of kicking, dragging puppy in elevator

Posted at 1:30 PM, May 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-09 15:30:32-04

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. -- A puppy has been taken away from its owner after allegations of animal cruelty in Newport News, Virginia.

The 10-month-old puppy, Hendrix, is now being cared for at the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter, according to city officials.

Authorities were called to the Liberty Apartments on April 25th after there were allegations of animal cruelty, WTKR reports.

According to a search warrant, the officer was shown video footage taken by the apartment complex that allegedly showed a woman taking the dog towards the elevator, then violently dragging the dog into the elevator and then “proceeded to violently kick the dog in the side.”

The video shows the dog cowering in the corner of the elevator, according to the warrant.

Officials say it did not appear that the dog was resisting the woman or acting aggressive to where the woman should have needed to defend herself.

Police said the 10-month-old pit bull was seized, taken to a veterinarian for examination and taken to the shelter.

People we spoke to who live complex were disturbed.

“I personally think that it's not right. Animal cruelty is very wrong,” said a man who didn’t want to be identified.

Records indicate it was the property manager who found the alleged video footage.

People who live there say the entire complex is very dog friendly.

“It's a good place to have [dogs]. They have their own separate space,” said the man, “They got a big place to play on the courtyard.”

Police say 19-year-old Rebeca Castellanos was charged with animal cruelty and 22-year-old Tyler Williams was charged with inadequate care.

Castellanos didn’t want to talk to reporters about what happened.

Williams told WTKR he was not in the elevator when the incident allegedly took place, and says he feels like he is being targeted, but would not elaborate.

WTKR asked Liberty Apartments to see the alleged video but has not received a response.

Both Castellanos and Williams are expected to be in court May 23rd for the misdemeanor charges.