‘Worse than snow’: Liquid chocolate coats Polish highway

Posted at 7:59 PM, May 09, 2018

SLUPCA, Poland – Polish highway found themselves with a unique challenge after a semitrailer overturned, dumping 12 tons onto the roadway, according to local reports.

It's not clear why the truck hit a guardrail near the town of Slupca, sending it crashing down on its side. Video showed the ensuing gooey, brown lake spreading over the A2 motorway, blocking traffic in both directions, according to broadcaster TVN24.

To make matters worse, the syrupy chocolate began to solidify once it was exposed to the air, forcing officials to employ great amounts of hot water to wash it off, according to the New York Times. A bulldozer was even brought in to help clear the sugary mess.

A spokesperson for the fire brigade told TVN24 that the slick, hardening surface of the chocolate was actually worse to deal with than snow would have been.

The only person hurt in the accident, which happened in the morning when there was light traffic, was the driver, who broke his arm, according to the broadcaster.