47-year-old bakes laxative brownies, loses her job

Posted at 11:56 AM, May 15, 2018

It was a co-worker’s going-away party, but a Michigan woman ended up losing her job. The unnamed 47-year-old’s employer, MMI Engineered Solutions, got a tip that the Adrian woman intended to bring laxative-laced brownies to her departing colleague’s “send-off,” as MLive puts it.

The company seized the brownies before any were eaten and phoned police on May 3. Officers showed up and spoke to the woman, whose denial allegedly changed to an admission once she was told the brownies would be subject to forensic testing.

Police say she confessed to including laxatives in the baking mix. The woman won’t be charged, in part because the brownies weren’t eaten, but she has been fired by the Saline-based company.

The Saline Post reports the woman allegedly told police it was a bad joke, not an intentional targeting; she denied having an issue with the departing employee, though other employees disputed that account.

(These vacationers’ mystery ailment was really a brownie problem.)

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