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Dog missing since Easter weekend reunited with Utah family, search continues for second pet

Posted at 9:40 PM, May 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-18 23:40:20-04

WEBER COUNTY, Utah -- Missing since Easter weekend, one of two dogs lost at Little Sahara is back with her family in Weber County.

The family said it’s where the special needs dog was found that makes her whereabouts the past month and a half a mystery.

Diamond, a 3-year old deaf double merle mini Australian shepherd/border collie mix, took off from the Davis family camp with her dad, Cooter, when a family member opened the camping trailer door March 30.

Owner Tawnie Davis said Cooter takes care of Diamond, and she follows him everywhere.

Since their disappearance, the Davis family extensively searched Little Sahara.

“We've been going down to the dunes,” Tawnie Davis explained. “People locally have been going down during the week.”

The tireless, frantic search kept turning up with no signs of the pair, and Davis said she and her family got to a point where they were losing hope.

But on Wednesday—a month and a half after the dogs disappeared—she said she received a message from a man who works at a power plant near Delta, dozens of miles from the dunes.

“He said, ‘I'm pretty positive I have your dog,’” Davis said.

She said at first, she didn’t believe him. But then the man sent her photos of what was clearly Diamond, sitting in a crate.

“The story that he told me was, for two weeks they’ve been getting told there's a dog out here,” Davis said. “It's a really secure area. He said, ‘I just didn't see there being one, but we set live trap just in case.’”

Diamond ended up captured in that live trap. Davis said the power plant is securely fenced and they aren’t sure how Diamond got in.

She said the power plant is reviewing security footage to see how Diamond ended up in the secure area, and to see if they can spot any sign of Cooter.

Davis immediately drove out and reunited with her puppy. She said she then spent time looking for Cooter in the area with no luck.

A trip to the vet revealed that Diamond suffered from dehydration and she only had grass in her stomach, Davis indicated.

Other than that, Davis said Diamond was in good shape.

“She made her way home,” Davis said. “However that was, she made her way home.”

The family still has hope of finding Cooter, a 5-year old pure-bred mini Australian Shepherd.

Click here to visit the Facebook page to help find Cooter.