Southern Utah truck loses its load resulting in a multi-motorcycle accident

Posted at 9:30 AM, May 20, 2018

SOUTHERN UTAH – A motorcyclist is recovering from minor injuries after a surprise in the highway left him tumbling along the asphalt on Saturday morning.

St. George News reports that there were multiple factors in the crash but that it all began when a silver Dodge pickup truck lost a portion of it’s load on SR-18 near milepost 25 in Veyo.

The accident began around noon on Saturday when Utah Highway Patrol says the pickup truck lost a bag out of its truck bed. They say the driver flipped a U-turn and pulled off while he rushed into the road to retrieve the piece of cargo.

When another driver saw him in the road they slowed to a stop, that’s when troopers say a group of motorcyclists attempted to stop behind the vehicle.

While several of the riders were able to slow down, St. George News says, one rider was unable to stop in time and struck the motorcycle in front of him.

When the riders collided the motorcycle that didn’t stop in time overturned, throwing the rider across the road while the bike slid across both lanes of SR-18 into a pickup truck’s trailer as it traveled southbound.

St. George News reports that “The driver of the white pickup that was stopped in the roadway continued north after retrieving the bag from the street, Lewis said, likely unaware that a crash had taken place behind him.” He was later found and cited for not securing his load.

Utah Highway Patrol says the rider sustained an injury to his leg and was transported to the Dixie Regional Medical Center however that his injuries would have been much worse if he hadn’t been wearing a helmet.

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