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Sutherland institute releases statement on Utah’s marijuana initiative; urges voters to ‘think carefully’

Posted at 2:13 PM, May 22, 2018

SALT LAKE CITY – Utah based conservative think tank Sutherland Institute released a statement on Utah’s medical marijuana ballot initiative Tuesday, urging voters to think carefully, likening the ballot initiative to a NASCAR pileup.

“The medical marijuana ballot initiative has come to resemble a NASCAR pileup,” the institute wrote.  “It’s time to take a deep breath and think carefully about where we go next. Let’s wave a yellow flag and signal a slowdown based on potential dangers ahead.”

The institute stated that the issue of medical marijuana in Utah was very complicated. It questioned if signers of the ballot initiative had read the actual petition or had just signed their names after a brief explanation by signature gatherers.

“Like stock cars helplessly zigzagging at high speed into a tangle of other out-of-control vehicles – momentum has seemingly committed all parties to a full-throttle, pedal-to-the-metal path, each hoping their car will emerge on the other side, still capable of finishing the race,” the institute wrote. “But the reality is, we are not on a track nor in a race, and there is no predetermined outcome. This is a debate – a decision to be made – over important policy that will impact Utah for generations to come. There is so much at stake.”

You can read the full press release by the Sutherland Institute, originally published by Utah Policy, here.