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Crowded Draper trails becoming more littered; leaders warn violators will be cited

Posted at 7:12 PM, May 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-25 21:13:06-04

DRAPER – Draper City is welcoming visitor to its trails system with a warning: obey all the rules.

Earlier this week on top of Corner Canyon, crews found a paintball course between the Peakview Trailhead and the Pork U Pine Trail. The violators shot paintballs, left behind a sofa and cut trees.

“Some kids had built like a paintball or airsoft course, which is not allowed on city open space. One the shooting, and two the digging of holes and cutting down some branches and stuff,” said Greg Hilbig, Manager for Draper City Trails & Open Space.

The city-hired park ranger cited the teens involved in the illegal activity and is on the lookout for other violators.

“It takes my crew time that they could be spending doing other things, working on trails as opposed to fixing damage,” Hilbig said.

Litter bugs are a big problem—trash is not only found on the trails, but near parking lots.

“Even though there's tons of trash cans to be used, you'll see water bottles or wrappers,” said Rob Kain, a Draper resident.

Hilbig is reminding visitors to do their part to keep the trails clean and safe.

No open fires, and dogs must be on a leash on all trails, especially in the watershed areas where dogs aren’t allowed.

“Most people do the right thing," Hilbig said. "It's unfortunate that the few people damage or cause problems for everyone else. But we try to keep up."