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Heated dispute over Memorial Day weekend prompts alleged death threats online

Posted at 9:11 PM, May 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-29 23:11:27-04

CACHE COUNTY, Utah - An argument over a camping spot in Utah on Memorial Day weekend was caught on a camera, and now it’s spawning death threats online.

“It’s blown out of proportion.  It needs to end.  The death threats, nobody wants this stuff,” said Wyatt Pack.

Pack is seen on the video yelling at members of the Caballero family who say their truck broke down in Blacksmith Fork Canyon.  It was Friday evening at the start of the Memorial Day weekend when the Caballero’s truck and trailer were parked blocked the entrance to the camping site Pack's family was using.

“I couldn’t even turn into the camp because of the way they had their stuff set up,” said Cory Durning, Pack's dad.

About twelve minutes of the dispute was posted online.  During the video clip, Pack can be seen yelling repeatedly for the family to move their truck and camper.  However, his family says the clip is just a small portion of what was a three-hour argument.

“This happened for three hours and you’ve got 11 minutes, maybe 12 minutes of video,” said Durning.

Pack and his father both say they made multiple offers to help the Caballeros but got frustrated when they refused to move.  The Caballeros say they had their own reason to be scared.

“The men behind them they all had guns.  They never pointed at my family with a gun but their hands were at their waist where the guns were at, so my dad was really scared,” said Angelica Caballero.

During the video clip, Pack mentions he works for Weber County.  Since it went online, he’s been placed on administrative leave while the county investigates if he showed a violent nature.  The Cache County Sheriff’s Department is also investigating what could be disorderly conduct charges or more.

“Looking back at it now, I think that we all should have just walked away from each other and just calmed down so I do apologize for getting so worked up,” said Pack.

The sheriff’s office has referred the case to the Cache County Attorneys’ Office to be screened for charges.