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La Hacienda in Draper reopens after closure for several health violations

Posted at 10:21 AM, Jun 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-01 15:08:31-04

DRAPER, Utah — The Salt Lake County Health Department has shut down a popular Mexican restaurant in Draper for 15 health violations.

According to SLCHD, La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant, at 12434 Minuteman Dr., was closed Thursday for presenting an imminent health hazard. The violations are:

  1. Numerous potentially hazardous foods are being held at 47-52°F in the walk-in cooler and cold make-table.
  2. Not all floor/wall junctures are covered and sealed.
  3. Various floor surfaces are not smooth, durable, easily cleanable, and non-absorbent.
  4. The 3-compartment sink is not sealed to the adjacent wall.
  5. The caulking around the 3-compartment sink is not smooth and is split in some areas.
  6. Several lights in the main kitchen are out; lighting is not smooth and is split in some areas.
  7. Employees’ personal beverages are not separated from food preparation areas; a personal beverage is on top of the ice machine.
  8. Light intensity in the walk-in cooler is less than 10-foot candles.
  9. There is a container of fish stored on the floor in the walk-in.
  10. Walls are dirty in various areas.
  11. A large pot of salsa is being improperly cooled.
  12. Plates are not inverted or covered to prevent contamination.
  13. The ventilation hood filters are unclean.
  14. There are stacks of chips in bowls on the counter under a heat lamp; the bottom of one bowl is touching the top of the ready-to-eat chips.
  15. The paper towels used for drying hands are being stored on top of clean plates near the front hand sink.

The restaurant reopened Friday morning.