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St. George man says ‘Russian mob’ told him to kill his roommate

Posted at 1:42 PM, Jun 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-05 15:47:17-04

ST. GEORGE, Utah  – A man who allegedly threatened his roommate with a pellet gun in said he was commanded by the “Russian mob” to kill him Sunday, the St. George News reported. 

The gun was later discovered by police to be a “metallic and wooden facsimile pellet gun.”Shawn Allen Maul, 40, allegedly approached his roommate in their home on 300 East in St. George Sunday morning with what appeared to be a handgun. After Maul threatened his roommate’s life, the roommate was able to grab the gun from Maul, and a third roommate put Maul in an arm lock and pushed him against the wall, according to both roommates’ stories on the probable cause statement.

After the roommate that Maul threatened took his pellet gun away from him, the roommate ran into his own bedroom and locked the door, according to the probable cause statement. Maul then was able to open the window to the roommate’s room to try to get the roommate’s cell phone, but the roommate was able to push Maul back out the window.

The roommate ran out to the street to get away from Maul, and Maul reportedly ran away.

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