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Garden greens and blueberry beet salad

Posted at 5:35 PM, Jun 07, 2018
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Budah joined Chef Kimberly Stratton in the kitchen today to learn how to make a delicious blueberry beet dressing. Chef Kimberly loves to cook for parties and likes to make it fun by sending her guests home with a succulent. She is a big fan of using things she already has in her garden or house.

Using a food processor, she blends together beets, blueberries, and a few other ingredients to make a summer salad dressing guests will love. It can be served with any kinds of garden greens.

Whimsical Garden Greens & Blueberry Beet Dressing

Blueberry Beet Dressing
Ingredient Amount
Blueberry 4 oz
Beets1/2 cup
Whole Grain Must 2 tbsp
Honey Wine Vinegar 3 oz
Dark Balsamic Vin 3 oz
Shallot 1 tbsp
Garlic clove 1 oz
Honey 2 oz
Salad Oil 5-6 oz
DRESSING Place Blueberries, Beets, Mustard, Honey, Vinegar, shallot and parsley into blender or food processor.  Blend until smooth. On low speed began to drizzle in salad oil.  This will start to create an emulsion.  Dressing all start to tighten.  When the mixture is desired consistency turn off and taste. Adjust flavor with salt, extra vinegar or oil.
Garden Greens
Ingredients Amount
Spring greens 3 oz
Arugula 2 oz
Kale 2 oz
Micro Greens 3 oz
Edible Flowers 3 oz
Blueberry 8 oz
Beets, cooked & diced 2 cup
Sweet Potato, cooked & diced 2 cup
Cherry Tomato, halves 2 cup
Candied Pecans 6 oz
SALAD & SERVING Roast and peel Sweet Potato and Beets.  Cool dice into bite-size cubes Place mixed greens into a salad bowl and toss with dressing.   Arrange greens on a plate then arrange blueberries, beets, sweet potato, cherry tomatoes and candied pecans across the greens   Garnish with Edible Flowers.
Chef Kimberly Stratton Executive Chef & Culinary Consultant Concept Design & Development, Operations Consultant, Event Facilitation, Local Food & Product focused
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