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Sunscreen skincare tips

Posted at 7:14 PM, Jun 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-11 21:14:37-04

Esthetician, Natalie Mangione, knows that sunscreen is one of the most important things in a daily skincare routine. She brought in some of her favorite products with SPF in them. She suggests applying sunscreen every two hours or every hour if you are getting in and out of the water.

There is a 10-step skincare routine trending right now but a lot of people are not fans of this because it takes a lot of time. She says that you can cut that routine in half and still minimize pores, aging, and wrinkles.

She puts emphasis on toner, serums, and essences. Also, it is important to take your makeup off at night and put on your nightly products since your skin produces the most collagen while sleeping.

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