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Numerous families evacuated by Moab fire, city officials work to gather donations

Posted at 8:47 AM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-13 10:47:51-04

MOAB, Utah - Moab City officials are working to gather donations after a fire destroyed eight homes and caused more than a dozen families to be evacuated Tuesday evening.

A local hotel called the Gonzo Inn took in about 15 families who were evacuated due to the fire.

The hotel was at capacity Tuesday night, with managers working to make sure that no one who was evacuated went without a place to stay.

Many of the families were waking up Wednesday morning, wondering how badly the fire damaged their homes.

One resident who was evacuated, Destiny Ivie, said she had to leave her home at a moments notice to escape the fire.

"All of the sudden, I have kids pounding on my door, ringing my doorbell," Ivie said.  "They’re like, 'get out, get out, there's a fire behind your house.'"

Ivie said that having a hotel to stay in after the fire was a big help and that she would be allowed to stay an extra night if she couldn't go back home.

Moab City officials said there is a need for donations of clothing and supplies for those who were evacuated and whose homes were destroyed.

Moab Police were organizing donation efforts and said they would release details on how the public could donate Wednesday morning.