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Dozens of students from different schools re-create prom for Utah teen who fell ill

Posted at 10:00 PM, Jun 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-18 00:00:22-04

RIVERTON, Utah -- Prom is one of the quintessential high school experiences, so when a Riverton High School senior had to miss hers, her friends stepped up to make sure she wouldn't miss out on the memories.

Hanna Jones says she was really looking forward to her senior prom, but the night before, she was having a hard time fitting into her dress.

“I started gaining water weight and we went to the hospital to try and get some of it off so I could fit into the dress I wanted,” Jones recalled.

At the hospital, Jones learned she had a kidney infection, leaving her with no choice but to call her date, Nathan Hamblin, and cancel.

“I found out she was having some problems with her kidneys and she wouldn't be able to go and she'd be in the hospital that night," Hamblin said.

“I was very upset," Jones said. "I didn't want to tell him. I was heartbroken."

However, while Jones was recovering in the hospital, Hamblin and her friend, Danny Brown, were busy organizing, determined to give her a taste of the night she missed.

“She's just really sweet and not the kind of person you wish anything bad would ever happen to,” Brown said.

They found a venue and put out the word.

“We posted about it on social media, and we saw it grow and people were posting about it,” Hamblin said.

They thought it would just be close friends.

“We go to Riverton, but there's a lot of kids from Herriman, kids from Bingham, some Corner Canyon. Everyone all over wants to help out, wants to support,” Brown said.

Dozens and dozens of high schoolers showed up in dresses and suits, making Hanna's prom a night she'll never forget.

“It feels good to know I have people behind me who love me and will support me and care for me,” Jones said.

To help the Jones cover the mounting medical expenses, you can donate to thisGoFundMe page.