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Man arrested in Cache County for filming woman while she was unconscious

Posted at 3:53 PM, Jun 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-19 18:52:48-04

CACHE COUNTY, Utah – A Cache County man was arrested Friday after police say a woman approached them with videos of her being sexually assaulted while unconscious.

Kay Kenneth Moosman, 58, was charged with one count of rape, one count of forcible sodomy, one count of object rape, three counts of voyeurism, and one count of protective order violation.

According to a probable cause statement released by the Cache County Sheriff’s Department, on June 12, a female victim provided officers with several videos and photos she found of her being sexually assaulted by Moosman while she was unconscious.

The victim told police that she had found the footage of her being assaulted on computers owned by Moosman.

Police said the victim had no idea that he had sexually assaulted her or recorded it. The victim told authorities she never gave consent during the alleged assaults.

Moosman admitted to law enforcement that he had created the videos while she was unconscious due to impairment from “alcohol and her prescription medications.”

Moosman first told police that he and the victim had an agreement saying he could do sexually explicit things with her while she was unconscious.

He then changed his story and said the victim was actually awake and pretending to be unconscious, the probable cause statement said.

Moosman told police that he had photos and videos that would prove his innocence. Authorities told Moosman he needed to bring them in to be processed as evidence.

Moosman agreed to meet with officers but never showed up, the probable cause statement said.

Deputies later learned that someone had gone to Moosman’s home and removed both computers from the house. Moosman said his father had the computers and destroyed them.

Authorities found Moosman sitting in his car parked at a church house down the street from the victims house, which he was previously court ordered to stay away from.

Deputies arrested Moosman and obtained a search warrant to retrieve his cellphone. When police reviewed the contents of the cellphone, they did not find any media pertaining to the case.

Moosman was booked into Cache County Jail Friday.