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Drivers fed up with flying rocks on freeway near Point of the Mountain

Posted at 10:06 PM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-23 00:06:13-04

UTAH COUNTY -- I-15 drivers said they're fed up with flying rocks on the freeway near Lehi and Point of the Mountain.

Some said they've had to replace their windshields multiple times in the past several months from chips and cracks.

Ashley Kimsey said the issues for her happen in the construction zone where UDOT is widening the freeway near Lehi.

"There's just a ton of rocks flying everywhere, a lot of debris, a lot of cones and not a lot of signs," she said. "It's very confusing and scary to be driving on the freeway."

Kimsey pointed to two recently filled rock chips on her windshield, dings that startled her and her husband when the rocks flew up on the glass.

"It scared both of us," she said. "We couldn't believe we got hit again a week later, in the same spot. My husband and I were just like, 'Come on!'"

Britnie Diederich said she and her husband experience problems along the stretch of I-15 north of the construction, near Point of the Mountain and the rock quarry where dump trucks come and go.

"There's a lot of rock trucks that get on at that 146th on-ramp and go north," she said. "It's just horrible right there."

Rocks just come flying up off the road, she said, out of nowhere. She pointed to a rock chip on her windshield.

"I have gotten three cracked windshields within the last six months," she said.

Diederich said she replaced her windshield the first two times.

Her husband's truck features a large crack across his windshield. Diederich said this is also his third windshield, after two others were replaced because of cracks caused by rocks while driving in the same spot along I-15.

The couple said they've spent hundreds of dollars because they needed to meet their deductible before insurance took over the costs.

What's behind all the chips and cracks?

Both UDOT and the Utah Highway Patrol said they haven't received any reports or complaints on that stretch of I-15.

UHP said if a driver notices a rock hit them from a quarry dump truck, to take down the license plate and company name and report it.

The two frustrated drivers said they hope something can be done.

"In the mornings maybe before the traffic hits, get it swept up as much as possible," Diederich suggested.

Kimsey said she's more concerned about the construction, and said she'd like to see increased patrols.

"I think people need to take caution in that area," she said.

UDOT suggested drivers slow down, allow plenty of room in front of them, and pay extra attention when driving through the construction zone.