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Hundreds, maybe thousands of phony ‘Sub-Zero’ nitrogen ice cream gift cards handed out at airshow

Posted at 9:45 PM, Jun 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-28 23:45:12-04

MURRAY, Utah -- Possibly thousands of fake gift cards are making their way across the valley.  One local business says someone illegally copied the cards and handed them out at a booth during the "Warriors Over the Wasatch" Airshow at Hill Air Force Base over the past weekend.

“It's scary because it could really affect your business,” Jerry Hancock Founder/CEO of Sub Zero said.

Sub Zero shops across the valley are seeing gift cards that have zero value.

“It's kind of getting a counterfeit bill it doesn't have any value,” Hancock said.

Hancock says someone illegally printed copies of these cards. The difference is the real cards have print on the front and the back, with a signature and a certain location where it's valid.   The copied ones are blank on the back with a forged signature on the back.

Customers brought the cards in not knowing they were fake, and that is putting the business in a tough spot.

“They had a five-dollar cash value so it was like taking five-dollars out of the till,” Hancock said.

Hancock says Sub Zero did donate 200 gift cards to a booth at the airshow that were only valid at the Layton store, but they're seeing the fake ones at all their locations.

They're disappointed someone would take advantage of families who got the fake cards and a family business at a family event.

“It's almost a run on the bank, someone could take those gift cards and we don't know how many were printed,” Hancock said.

Sub Zero is trying to make it right with customers.

Anyone who got one of the fake cards can bring it for a buy one and get another one at half price offer.

A police report has been filed.

Hill Air Force Base officials tell Fox 13 they had not heard of any reports but are looking into it.