Lincoln Beach, Marina closed at Utah Lake due to harmful algal bloom

Posted at 1:30 PM, Jun 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-29 15:31:26-04

UTAH LAKE — Health officials have closed Lincoln Beach and Marina at Utah Lake Friday due to harmful algae that pose a health risk to humans and animals.

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality says the most recent samples taken in that part of the lake have shown cell concentrations of cyanobacteria that are 14 times greater than those found earlier this week, when a warning was issued about algae at Utah Lake.

“Water with these levels of concentration in the algal bloom pose serious health risks,” says Eric Edwards, Deputy Director of Utah County Health Department. “To protect the health of people and animals that use the lake, it is necessary for this portion of the lake to remain closed until it is safe for recreation.”

Swedes Access (Provo Bay), Utah Lake State Park and Sandy Beach remain under a warning as sample results in those areas continue to exceed recreational warning levels.

Those who visit Utah Lake are encouraged to use other access points and to avoid areas of scum.

“While most areas in Utah Lake are not currently affected, algae may move or disperse depending on temperature, wind, and weather,” health officials stated. “Recreationists are advised to be mindful of conditions, as they may change over the course of the day.”