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Dog attacked by neighbor’s off-leash dog, Tooele County law says owner not at fault

Posted at 9:26 PM, Jul 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-02 23:35:47-04

STANSBURY PARK, Utah - A trail of blood led from the sidewalk in front of Adam Long's home to his front door.

"My little dog was on the porch just trying to get inside just bleeding everywhere," said Long of his dog, Flo. "She was yelping like she had been hit by a car."

Long says the problem started Saturday when he was outside his home playing fetch with his three dogs. He said he was standing in the front lawn when he noticed a dog at his neighbor's home off leash.

"He came around the corner between the cars and hit my dog full speed," Long said. "She tried lunging at her neck but missed and got her on the chest."

Long reacted as quickly as he could, using a fetch stick to swat the dog away.

"I just bashed it over the head," he added.

But the damage was done. Flo was taken to the veterinarian's office and treated for bite attacks and for infection. But good news came Monday. Despite the hobbled leg and sore chest, Flo is expected to make a full recovery.

Even though Tooele County ordinances don't mandate leashes on your own property, Long says he's learned a valuable lesson, himself.

"If you're not sure if your dog is socialized with other dogs or you know your dog is aggressive, you should keep them on leash. If you know your dog is nice and friendly, you should keep them on leash. Dogs should be on leashes."