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‘Evermore Park’ set to open later this year

Posted at 6:35 PM, Jul 04, 2018

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah — A new theme park is preparing to open its doors later in 2018.

It’s called “Evermore Park” and it is a theme park no one has ever experienced before because it’s designed based on the imagination of its creator, Ken Bretschneider. Bretschneider has been creating “Evermore-like” Halloween experiences in Pleasant Grove and has now developed a team of passionate artists to help create his “Evermore Park” dream.

His design and production director, Josh Steadman shared some details with Fox13 Wednesday morning on The Fourth of July while he was with the “Evermore Park” float in Provo’s Freedom Festival.

“It really, truly is an immersive layout, an immersive experience,” described Steadman. “We want to take people out of Utah, somewhere that is not home, somewhere they are not familiar with… You interact with characters from a fantasy realm. I like to reference film: Dark Crystal, Willow, Labyrinth- all the great fantasy films from the last 20, 30 years all combined… Think of special effects, overlay effects. It’s not just a walk through in the woods, you’re going on an adventure that is a one of a kind adventure.”

Steadman said there will be multiple interactive games and adventures for guests. Every day there will be a theme and parties for guests to attend and participate in with character actors, goblins, angels, and demons. There will be three seasonal night themes, including, Mythos, Lore, and Aurora. Mythos includes a summer Lantern Festival, Lore is more of a dark Halloween theme, and Aurora is more of a winter holiday theme.

“Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, those films influenced us as a design team; like holy-cow, if that is that successful, why not experience it for real? Why not make it tangible?” explained Steadman.

Tickets for adults will be between $25 to $35.