Carbon County restricted its Fourth of July fireworks to one spot

Posted at 1:06 PM, Jul 05, 2018

PRICE, Utah — Carbon County restricted its Fourth of July fireworks to one spot in an effort to alleviate fire danger.

Residents were allowed to set off personal fireworks for one night at the Carbon County Fairgrounds. It’s the same spot the county put on a professional display.

Carbon County restricted fireworks to July 4th only and to the fairgrounds in an effort to prevent more wildfires. This approach has been taken in previous years, said Justin Needles, the county’s emergency services director.

“Where can we as citizens go and light off fireworks? We already have fire trucks there and if something happens we have responders really close,” Needles told FOX 13. “At least they still have somewhere to go light them and be safe.”

Carbon County fireworks map. (Image via Carbon County Sheriff’s Office)

The restriction does not apply to municipalities, which can set their own regulations under a new law passed by the Utah State Legislature. Price City’s fire chief told FOX 13 they enacted the usual restrictions under the law (including allowing fireworks to be set off until 11pm on July 5).

Needles said there were still calls of people lighting off fireworks in the county, but he believes it has reduced the overall fire risk. Right now, there are no plans for Carbon County to isolate fireworks for the Pioneer Day holiday beyond typical restrictions, he said.