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Dollar Ridge may have already devoured more homes than any wildfire in Utah history

Posted at 6:17 PM, Jul 06, 2018

WASATCH/DUCHESNE COUNTIES, Utah -- If, after the flames are under control, the estimate of 90 homes burned proves accurate, the Dollar Ridge Fire will have destroyed more homes than any wildfire in modern Utah history.

And it could burn more.

The deadliest wildfire in recent years in Utah was Neola North in 2007. Three men died. They were harvesting hay when the fire raced over a ridge faster than they could react. An eleven year old boy with them ran fast enough to escape.

Also in 2007, the Milford Flat Fire in southwest and central west Utah burned more acres than any fire in Utah history, at 363,052. Milford Flat burned a couple of outbuildings and no homes. A related freeway accident killed two people.

In 2012, the Wood Hollow Fire in Sanpete County destroyed 52 homes and 108 outbuildings. A 60 year old man also died when he got caught in the fire in his car.