At least 10 dogs die when van breaks down during dog rescue operation

Posted at 12:20 PM, Jul 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-09 14:20:43-04

SARDIS, Miss. — A rescue operation to transport about 50 dogs from Hattiesburg, Mississippi to Minnesota went awry Friday when the operation's black van broke down.

A truck driver traveling north to Pennsylvania pulled over when he saw dozens of kennels out along the side of the road.

Jessie Soto told WREG he was horrified to realize at least 10 were dead.

Southern Pines Rescue group director Ginny Sims said the van left Hattiesburg around 1:30 Friday afternoon.

Sims said the rescue group has been operating since 1952 and has transported more than 11,000 animals in that time.

But this time, it didn't go as planned. They only made it to the Sardis area when Sims said the van broke down.

Witnesses said the van was pulled over on the side of the highway for two to four hours before local animal rescue groups could help.

"We pulled over to see what was going on. We knew it was animals. Sure enough, it was a lot of animals. Some of them dead, a lot of them in bad condition," Soto said. "Those conditions were inhumane. It's heartbreaking for people who love pets."

Yvonne Tayler with the North Mississippi Animal Rescue said they came to offer aid.

"We needed to get the puppies and the dogs to a safe location where we could get them out of those crates cause those crates were nothing but heat traps and we brought them out here to my animal sanctuary," Tayler said.

The remaining dogs are being cared for at the North Mississippi Animal Sanctuary.

They have water and food and a van is on the way to take them back to Hattiesburg.

Sims said they'd also dispatched their veterinarian to investigate the causes of death, and she didn't think they could have just died from the heat. She thought there was a mechanical malfunction in the van that caused the dogs to die, possibly carbon monoxide poisoning.