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Donations pour in for Dollar Ridge Fire evacuees returning home

Posted at 7:40 PM, Jul 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-09 22:49:21-04

DUCHESNE COUNTY, Utah - Volunteers unloaded pet food, clothes, canned food, horse feed--you name it--Monday-all donations from fellow Utahns for victims of the Dollar Ridge Fire.

"[This is] the most amazing community I have ever lived in, in my entire life," said Raegan Cutler, who was evacuated six days ago.

With the fire 35 percent contained, evacuee's in Fruitland are now allowed back in their homes. Cutler said she was happy to be home, but because the power and water was shut off, she's facing new challenges she didn't anticipate.

"That means my fridge hasn't had refrigeration for six days," said Cutler. Toilets haven't been flushed, leaving a sewer smell, garbage has not been taken out and is still sitting there.

"This is the real work now," Culter said.

Cutler even said there could be smoke damage to cabinets in the house, which is why she hopes the donations will keep rolling in.

But out of ashes, comes new life.

Volunteers thanked firefighters for saving their homes and saving their livelihoods when they could not.

"I could've lost everything," Cutler said. "We could've lost our lives."

More donations are expected in Fruitland and Duchesne over the next few days, but Volunteers say additional help is still needed.