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Woman who left loaded gun in bathroom at aquarium may face charges

Posted at 7:54 PM, Jul 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-11 21:54:27-04

DRAPER, Utah — Draper Police will ask the Salt Lake County District Attorney to review the case of a woman who left a loaded handgun in a bathroom at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.

Tuesday afternoon, a woman found the gun in a bathroom stall.

“The circumstances and that children could be at further risk, we decided it would be more appropriate to at least have the District Attorney’s Office to at least, look at the case,” Draper Police Sgt. Scott Adams said. 

Police tell FOX 13, the woman who owns the gun has identified herself, and she has a valid concealed carry permit.  Police will maintain possession of the gun as evidence until the D.A. decides whether to pursue charges.

A mother who was at the aquarium, was headed to the restroom when another woman alerted her to the gun.

“I looked behind her and I saw it there perched on the ledge,” Crystal Mundt said.

She was spending the day at the aquarium with her two young children and hopes a message is sent to people who decide to carry guns.

“This was not an accident, this was negligence,” Mundt said.

The Aquarium released a statement saying, “The Draper Police are handling this and will contact the owner to find out what happened. The Aquarium has a posted no weapons policy and the safety of our guests and staff is always of the utmost importance to us.”

Although the Aquarium has a no weapons policy, Draper Police say, in Utah, that doesn’t prevent people from bringing guns on the property.

“The law allows for concealed carry permit holders to carry into those places,” Sgt. Adams said.

The incident forced Mundt to have an impromptu conversation with her daughter.

“I did not want to be talking to my 3-year-old about guns and what they’re used for,” Mundt said.

She is thankful no one was hurt and hopes everyone can learn from what could have been a horrific tragedy.

“I think most responsible gun owners would agree that was not responsible,” Mundt said.

Draper Police expect to send the case to the D.A by the end of the week.