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Geneva Rock wants to expand its gravel pits, but a group of physicians says the dust is dangerous

Posted at 10:05 PM, Jul 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-14 00:47:38-04

DRAPER, Utah -- Geneva Rock is asking Draper City to allow a rezoning of the area at the Point of the Mountain and expand its gravel operation there.

The company which supplies gravel, ready mixed concrete and other products has submitted an application with Draper to rezone about 73 acres.

The group "Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment" is opposed to the expansion.

The doctors say dust is already a problem and the wind blows it across the valley, and any expansion will make the problem worse.

"Unfortunately it`s not an issue that`s just limited to Draper City residents that dust from that gravel pit extends all the way up to Salt Lake County and downtown and all the way down to Provo," Dr. Brian Moench who heads up the group said.  "So it`s an issue that every resident of the Wasatch Front needs to be concerned about."

The physicians group says tests on the dust and soil at the pit have found several toxins and particles that could lodge in the lungs and is especially dangerous for young children.

Geneva Rock says it has a plan to suppress the dust and will deploy conservation efforts.

"As recently as two weeks ago state regulators were here to inspect the site," Geneva Rock spokesman Dave Kallas said.  "They found no violations and actually commended Geneva Rock for it`s dust suppression and all the equipment and facilities that are putting in place to reduce dust and reduce it`s impact."

Long term plans include creating the Steep Mountain Conservation Area according to Kallas.

Draper City is taking public comment on its webpage, and you don't have to be a Draper resident to comment.

If you'd like to share your opinion,you can do it here.