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Orem officer uses social media to grant birthday wish for 7-year-old after Build-A-Bear blunder

Posted at 9:13 PM, Jul 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-15 23:13:09-04

OREM, Utah — An Orem police officer fulfills a girl’s birthday wish after upset at Build-A-Bear’s Pay Your Age fiasco.

Build-A-Bear’s Pay Your Age Day left many Utah parents growling and their kids crying when hundreds were turned away after waiting in line for hours.

That same day, July 12, was the birthday of a 7-year-old girl named Ellie, she was among the masses you left bearless and upset.

Orem Police Department said Officer Cook was on call that night and as he was leaving he saw a girl waving at him. Orem PD said Office Cook stopped to talk to her to “thank her for being so friendly.”

Orem police said Cook talked to Ellie’s parents and found out it was her birthday and the newly 7-year-old would be leaving without a new stuffed friend.

Orem PD said Officer Cook wasn’t able to get her parent’s information so they turned to social media, posting: “Now we need your help finding Ellie… Because Officer Cook would love to meet up with her at Build-A-Bear and they can get one made together (On US)!”

In their posting, Orem PD made a call for help, “if you know a 7 YO named Ellie (could be a different spelling), whose birthday was on the 12th please have her parents PM us here or call.”

Lo and behold, it worked! Officer Cook was able to gift Ellie with the bear she never got on her birthday.

Courtesy: Orem Police Department