Utah Gun Exchange believes vehicle vandalized in Sandy was targeted

Posted at 12:57 PM, Jul 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-16 15:01:23-04

SANDY, Utah – A vehicle was vandalized late Saturday night in the parking lot of the Mountain America Expo Center.

The vandalism happened a few hours after the March for Our Lives rally ended.

The vehicle that was damaged belongs to two folks who were here in support of Utah Gun Exchange, and they have a sticker displayed proudly on the vehicle.

The Utah Gun Exchange issued a press release Monday morning, condemning what they call an act of hate. UGE officials believe the vehicle was targeted because of that sticker, but right now police can’t definitely make that connection.

But they would like to catch a person or persons who did this and ask them why they did it.

“Vandalisms are a pretty common call for us,” said Sgt. Jason Nielsen of Sandy Police. “So we will speak with Mountain America Expo Center and get with them and see if any of their security people saw anything, heard anything. The biggest thing we’re hoping for at this point is to reach out to the public to see if anybody happened to see anything.”

Representatives with March for Our Lives just found out about the vandalism Monday morning. In an email, officials say were not aware of it, that they are disgusted by this act of aggression and do not condone this on any level.

Representatives from March for Our Lives and the Utah Gun Exchange are both asking anyone who has any information about the vandalism or the suspects to  call Sandy Police.