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Charges filed, details revealed in Memorial Day camper confrontation

Posted at 5:18 PM, Jul 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-18 19:18:22-04

CACHE COUNTY, Utah — Charges have been filed against five people seen berating a family over a camping spot in an online video.

Five people are now facing charges, stemming from a video that was posted online over Memorial Day weekend of a group of people berating a Hispanic family over the location of their truck and camper.

In the 12-minute video the group can be seen yelling at a Hispanic family, Jose and Marie Caballero and their two young children, who said their truck broke down in Blacksmith Fork Canyon Memorial Day weekend.

Wyatt Dee Pack was one of the more prominent people in the video. Following the incident he was put on administrative leave from his job and began receiving death threats online.

According to a probable cause statement, Pack was among six people who appeared to be having a verbal and physical dispute with the Caballero family. The report cited those people as Wyatt Pack, Samara Nielsen, Cory Durney, Rikki Durney, Braxton Haderlie and a 17-year-old girl.

Shortly after the incident, Pack told Fox 13 it was blown out of proportion, he alleged that his group had offered to help the family, but got frustrated when they refused to move.

Detective’s with the Cache County Sheriff’s Office picked up the case.

According to the PC statement, on May 25 the Caballero family had driven up Left Hand Fork Canyon from Blacksmith Form Canyon looking to camp with their trailer, Jose had tried to turnaround in a pullout/camping area when the power steering went out on his truck.

A passerby told Jose he would text his friend for help, knowing help was coming Jose continued working on his truck, according to the statement.

According to the PC statement, Jose was standing at the front of his truck when a large white truck pulling a flatbed entered the pullout and accelerated towards him, ultimately hitting the front end of his vehicle where he had been standing. Jose told police he believed he would have been hit, had he not moved.

Police said three people were in the car; the driver, Cory Durney, a passenger, Rikki Durney and a 17-year-old girl. The three then began to use profanity, telling him to get his trailer and truck out of the camp area, according to the PC statement, Jose tried to explain his truck was broken but they continued to swear at him and threaten him.

About 15-20 minutes later a second truck with a large fifth wheel camper, driven by Wyatt Pack, pulled up (Pack’s girlfriend Samara Nielsen and Braxton Haderlie were also inside). The PC statement states Pack immediately walked over to Jose, began yelling and cursing at him, threatening to “burn them both to the ground” if they did not move, according to the PC statement.

Jose told police Pack’s hand was resting on a handgun he had on his hip, he also said Rikki Durney lifted her shirt to show that she also had a handgun, according to the PC statement. Jose later noted that both Samara Nielsen and Braxton Haderlie also had handguns in plain view.

Jose said Pack continued to use vulgarity towards him and then said he would move Jose’s truck and trailer for him if he paid him $200, according to the PC statement, Jose did not have any money and told his wife to gather backpacks, jackets and food to literally walk away from the situation.

According to the PC statement, at that point Jose’s wife began recording. When they started to walkaway Pack chased after them, asked Jose if he was deaf, grabbed him by his left ear and tried to hit him.

Pack then told Jose he was going to move his truck and trailer but that Jose was going to pay him, he then demanded money and Jose and his wife gathered up $45 and gave it to Pack, according to the PC statement

According to the PC statement, Pack then loaded Jose’s truck onto their flatbed and drove it up canyon to drop it in a turnaround, other cars were in the area so they had to bring it two miles down canyon and drop it at the ranger station.

According to the Cache County Attorney, there is evidence to suggest that the Caballero family was terrorized over the course of several hours and not allowed to leave.

Jose’s wife said she was convinced that Pack’s group was going to shoot and kill her husband and oldest son, according to the PC statement.

“This doesn’t represent who we are in Cache County,” said Cache County Attorney, James Swink. “While the defendants were visitors in our community, we expect citizens will step up and help other people who are in vulnerable or difficult situations, not terrorize them.”

The PC statement said Pack’s group had their hands on their firearms throughout the altercation and continually shouted phrases in Spanish saying, “Vaminos” and “Andale” to the Caballero family.

According to the PC statement, a passerby saw Jose’s wife, Marie, and her youngest son standing in the road crying, the couple learned what had happened and attempted to confront Pack, they told police Pack responded by shoving one of them and then continued yelling, using profanity and telling the couple to mind their own business.

Eventually Jose’s help arrived and removed the trailer, then the confrontation ended, according to the PC statement.


Now five of the people involved in the confrontation are facing charges.

Wyatt Pack faces six charges. A misdemeanor charge for threatening with or using a dangerous weapon in a fight or quarrel, a felony charge for riot, two counts of misdemeanor assault, a misdemeanor charge of theft by extortion, and a misdemeanor charge for threat of violence.

Brian Durney faces three charges. A felony charge for riot, a felony charge of aggravated assault and a misdemeanor charge for attempted criminal mischief.

Rikki Durney faces one felony county for riot.

Samara Nielson and braxton Haderlie both face two charges including a felony charge for riot, as well as a misdemeanor charge for threatening with or using a dangerous weapon in a fight or quarrel.