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Man carjacks vehicle in Midvale with kids in the backseat, 13-year-old girl puts up a fight

Posted at 9:35 PM, Jul 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-22 23:35:50-04

MIDVALE, Utah - Police are searching for a man who carjacked a vehicle at a Midvale gas station Sunday.

The man probably didn't know two kids were in the backseat, and one of them put up a big fight.

Surveillance video shows a man in a white shirt walking to the Phillips 66 gas station at 335 West 7200 South.

He then hops in the  white car and drives off.

When the driver realized two children were in the car, he abandoned it a few blocks away and fled on foot.

13-year-old Josslyn Milliam was one of the kids.

"My mom asked me to feed my baby sister because she was hungry and the guy just got in the car and started driving away," she said.

When she realized the man was stealing the car, Josslyn sprang into action.

"I was hitting him as hard as I could," the young girl said.  "I was hitting him in the side of head, the neck and in the face."

Back at the gas station, a massive search began as Josslyn's mother waited and worried.

"The car was at the gas station at the gas pump and he came from across the street," Sgt. Melody Gray with the Unified Police Department said.  "So he may have been watching and saw the adult go inside the store."

While police searched, Josslyn tried cutting a deal with the car thief.

"I told him I didn`t care if he kept me, just take my baby sister back to him, my mom I mean."

Josslyn, her baby sister and her parents were safely reunited just minutes after the carjacking.

"It hasn`t hit me yet what happened," Josslyn said.  "I`m probably going to be sitting at home and I`m just going to be like whoa -- okay great."

Police are still looking for the carjacking suspect.

He's described as a white man in his 30s with long brown hair in a ponytail.

He was wearing a white shirt with a blue plaid shirt over it.