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Utah’s Chris Stewart says there’s no evidence Russia wanted to help Trump. He disputes U.S. intelligence findings and Putin’s own admission.

Posted at 2:49 PM, Jul 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-22 16:49:33-04

WASHINGTON – Rep. Chris Stewart has seen a slew of intelligence documents about Russia’s attack on the 2016 presidential election, and he’s convinced the country was trying to sway the U.S. vote, The Salt Lake Tribune reported.

In whose favor? He’s unsure.

“For someone to answer that question definitively, they’d have to crawl inside Mr. Putin’s head,” the Utah Republican said in an interview Thursday, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin. “It’s impossible to know. I’ve spent days, not just hours, but days, actually looking at intelligence.”

Stewart’s position contradicts that of U.S. intelligence agencies that have concluded Russia hacked the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and created fake social media accounts with the aim to boost Donald Trump and hurt Clinton. It also clashes with what Putin’s admission last week that he favored Trump in the election.

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