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Back to school photos

Posted at 4:09 PM, Jul 31, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-31 18:09:37-04

Candice Bithell, a professional photographer, gives us some tips for taking great back to school photos.

  • Don`t take your photos on the first day of school:  Everyone is nervous, there may not be enough time, there is no time to edit the photos, and you are altogether rushed. Candice suggests taking them about a week before school starts, so on the first day of school you can post or share the photos online with no problem. It also gives you time to print them if you want to mail the photos and have them arrive on the first day of school.
  • Make the mood fun: Kids are best at photo shoots when it`s fun and they`re being rewarded. Have a few jokes at the ready, do it on a day when everyone seems to be in a good mood. Be flexible, let the kids move around and show them the photos as you go.
  • It`s the digital age, so take a wide variety of photos: Don't be afraid of taking to many photos. Take a wide variety of angles, take photos closer to their face, further away showing their entire body, let them move around and be themselves.
  • Pay attention to the light on their face: The best times of day for photos are the two hours after sunrise and the two hours before sunset. The morning light will give a soft cool glow, sometimes you can find mist or fog still floating around. In the evenings the closer to sunset the better, go in the shade for a warm glow with some fun colors.
  • Have fun with the location: The best photos are taken outside. Some of Candice's best photos of her kids have been just around the outside of our own house but you can go to the park, to the library, to the school itself.
  • Figure out what they will be wearing and what you`ll do with their hair ahead of time: Pick clothes that don`t have any crazy patterns, muted colors tend to work best, avoid dark blacks and white whites for tops. Work with your child on what they should wear, you want it to show their personality a little. Don`t get a haircut the day before, don`t try anything new the day of photos for the hair, again work with your child to figure that out.

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