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UHP warns motorcyclists as fatalities spike in Utah

Posted at 9:37 PM, Aug 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-06 23:42:31-04

UTAH - A rash of fatal motorcycle crashes have prompted a warning from the Utah Highway Patrol.

“It hasn’t been going good by any means, year to date we’ve had 35 motorcycle-related fatality crashes, resulting in 36 deaths,” said Sergeant Nick Street with Utah Highway Patrol.

By comparison, 2017 saw 39 motorcycle-related deaths for the entire year.

“She didn’t know that going on a motorcycle was going to end her life,” said Codie Backus.

Backus was a family friend of Aubrey Mounteer. Both Aubrey and her husband Kenny were killed in an early morning crash on Sunday on 5400 South and 7400 West. The couple left behind four young kids.

“She truly, truly loved them….she wanted (to) be there, part of their life. Aubrey and Kenny are now going to miss out on their school programs, their birthday parties, everything in their life,” said Backus.

To help the family with funeral expenses and the costs of raising the kids without their parents, a pair of GoFundMe pages have been set up:

“I love riding motorcycles. I love when I see other motorcycles out there,” said Nathan Croft, a Sergeant who rides a motorcycle with Utah Highway Patrol.

He advises people to take a training course and wear protective gear.

“When I see people in shorts and t-shirts and flip flops riding a motorcycle, especially when they are going very fast, it scares me,” said Croft.