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How to break into the dance business

Posted at 9:39 PM, Aug 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-07 23:40:15-04
Do your kids want to be in a Disney movie or TV show?  Professional dancer and choreographer Bayli Thompson teaches us how to break into the business.  Bayli talks about the dance world in Utah and how she started her professional career at the young age of 12 in the feature film High School Musical.  Bayli recently choreographed an episode of the Disney TV show Andi Mack that shoots here in Utah.  Bayli talks about how to navigate the dance world and the perspective you need to have to be successful.  One of her secrets to success is something her father always told her: "You are Bayli who dances, you are not a dancer named Bayli".  She shares the importance of knowing who you are in it all (and who you are outside of dance).   If you want to give your kids the experience of being on a film or television set, you can follow Bayli on Instagram to learn when the next auditions will be or to take one of her master classes, go to   Instagram: @baylithom