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3 Things to look for when buying fall fashion

Posted at 4:23 PM, Aug 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-13 18:23:50-04

Statistically, people only wear 20% of their closets, so how can we avoid that? Having a well functioning closet is dependent on a solid understanding of yourself.  What works for someone else`s body, coloring, lifestyle, may not work for yours. Knowing your style foundation will save you time and frustration in getting dressed and money when you go shopping. Reachel Bagley a Fashion Consultant shares some organizing tips.

So what information should we collect before we go shopping to stock our closets for Fall?

Start with fresh measurements of yourself.  Pay attention to more than your size, pay attention to your architecture.  Is your waist significantly narrower than your hips?  Are your shoulders broader than your hips?  What do you want to minimize, and what do you want to maximize. Next experiment with different colors. You may already have a few go-to colors, but what do they have in common?  Are they warm or cool?  Light or dark?  Pure or muddy?  Try to identify trends in what colors work for you. Finally look at the items you most often wear: Is there a lot of embroideries?  Do you favor solids over prints?  Do you wear more basics than statements?  You need to know not only what is on trend and in season, you need to know how to match your "outside self" with your "inside self."  When you walk into a store, you should automatically be able to eliminate at least 95% of what is available. That means you only need to take 1-5% into the fitting room, and yes, you definitely need to try it on.

How does this strategy translate to your closet?

Did you know you make an average of 35,000 decisions a day.  And thousands of unnecessary decisions are hanging in your closet: Clothes that are the wrong size, wrong color, wrong style. You have to evaluate all of this when you go to get dressed in the morning.  Your brain is going to be exhausted before you can decide between eggs or pop-tarts.  A well-edited closet leads to easier, quicker, and better decisions on what to wear.  Cleaning out your closet so that everything fits, flatters, and delights will save your brain for important decisions and help you avoid wasted time and uncomfortable outfits.  When you buy less you`ll store less, but you probably need to eliminate a good amount of clothing in your closet as well.

What are the rewards of all this work?  What do we have to look forward to?

Your wardrobe should be a carefully curated collection: The perfect pencil skirt that you fished out of the discount outlet,  the immaculate-fitting jeans you discovered after three hours of trying on denim,  the handbag you watched until two in the morning when the eBay auction ended with your winning bid.  You have sought these pieces out.  You waited for them to blossom into a sale.  You altered them to your exact measurements.  The collection of garments cooperates as a team, the sum more than any one part, confiding in one another their flattering secrets.  A personalized boutique where each piece offers a comfortable fit, a blush inducing hue, a style that unifies your internal and external being.

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