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Dog Won’t Listen? Try These Tricks!

Posted at 6:40 PM, Aug 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-21 20:40:24-04

Ryan Gwilliam, Owner of Train Walk Poop stopped by to tell us how to get those stubborn dogs to cooperate!

  1. Most stubborn dogs are misunderstood. Usually, it's a symptom of a bored or frustrated mind. Once we meet your dog's mental and physical needs the stubbornness melts away.
  1. They like to get a rise/reaction out of you and other dogs/cats. It's in their personality but they'll do it much less once we give their brain a healthy outlet for all that mental energy.
  1. Many times it seems like your dog is being stubborn when she is actually confused. Most often it's because your voice is saying one thing and your body language/tone of voice is saying the opposite.
  1. If you have a stubborn dog you are likely training it into your dog by giving in to your dog's behavior, which reinforces the behavior each time. Once a habit, your dog is justifiably confused when you try to change the habit.
  1. Stop talking for a day and watch how much your relationship with your dog improves. Your dog knows exactly how many times you'll repeat yourself before you mean business.
  1. Yes, some dogs are naturally more stubborn than others but we hear this used as an excuse to explain their dog's naughty behaviors. Your dog is the perfect candidate to be stubbornly obedient when she learns that following your leads to her favorite things.
  1. Read the book, "Let Dogs Be Dogs".