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Move aside ride share and home share, Utah mom launches child care share

Posted at 7:10 PM, Aug 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-21 21:10:37-04

PROVO, Utah -- A Utah mom has launched a global sharing platform to address the local and global need for child care.

You’ve probably heard of ridesharing or home sharing, but what about childcare sharing? One Utah mom has launched a site-- giving parents across the globe a solution for childcare using an online sharing platform.

”You can save her to your wish list, you can choose how many guests,” said Karmel Larson going through options on a website.

“She’ll take two guests, she’s got five year’s worth of experience, so her oldest must be five,” Larson said looking at a user profile she selected.

It’s like picking out an Airbnb or calling an Uber.

“You can filter to see what kind of Momni you want to book,” said Larson going through a list of options.

But this one is for childcare.

“Moms don’t often have enough time to refresh themselves, to rejuvenate, to have options, to do whatever it is they need to do,” said Larson of the website's concept.

It’s called Momni, a sharing platform developed for moms.

“They need to work, go back to school, develop a hobby, take a nap,” said Larson.

“I use it all the time,” said Larson. “There’s so many opportunities and times where moms just need a minute childfree.”

The name comes from the latin word “omni” meaning all and everywhere.

“When you add an “M” you get Momni, we’re linking all moms everywhere, in this sharing economy,” Larson said.

The concept is simple.

“Moms can sign up to get care, or they can sign up to get money. So moms set their own price, they set their own schedule, their own availability,” explained Larson.

“When you need care you can just drop them off to another trusted mother and we refer to them as paid playdates,” she added.

Users set criteria, things like how much they would want to pay, if there are guns in the home, if they have a pool, if they have pets or if they are looking for moms who have kids of a certain age.

“I look for Momnis that have pets,” Larson said.  Her boys love pets, but they don’t have any so it’s a perfect match.

“Let’s choose Alissa… she’s pet free, I wouldn’t pick her,” Larson said as she went through the selection process.

Then users find someone they trust at a price they like, Utah prices range from $2 to $15.

“She chose not to have the background check,” said Larson overlooking one woman’s profile. Larson said background checks are not required because oftentimes people are using the services to connect with people they already know and trust.

She also mentioned that users who have a background check are more likely to get business from strangers if they are looking to make money.

You select what time and day you plan to drop off the kids and when you plan to pick them up.

It sounds easy, but the company believes it’s a solution to a growing childcare problem here in Utah and abroad.

“There’s childcare deserts all across the nation and Utah’s no exception, there’s a large need for care here,” Larson said. “Moms aren’t just signing up, they’re pouring out their hearts and desire to help volunteer because we have a global vision to truly be a solution to the global child care crisis."

Larson said she has been studying the “global child care crisis” for more than a year, and hopes Momni will play a role in helping women in developing nations.

“Many of them (mothers in developing nations) leave their children at home alone, or tie them up, or give them drugs to help them sleep throughout the day when they’re not able to care for them,” said Larson. “We as mothers are circling up to help raise the standard of care for our children, not just our own children, but for all children across the globe,."

The company has a “social giving back model” where, they say, for every hour of care that is provided in a developed nation, they will provide an hour of care for a mother in need in a developing nation.

To learn more about their efforts in helping women in developing countries, or to donate to the cause click HERE.