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30, 40, almost 50 students? Here are the hotspots for overcrowded classrooms in Utah

Posted at 7:37 AM, Sep 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-09 09:37:54-04

In Bryce Chamberlain’s percussion ensemble class, there are almost twice as many students as instruments. The Salt Lake Tribune reports.

So while half the class practices with the xylophones and drums, the other half waits 30 minutes for a turn. Chamberlain said it feels “like teaching two classes in one period.”

And that’s one of his smaller classes at Bonneville High School.

There are 48 students in one of his sections of film studies. Another 45 in a second. And 43 in a third. He teaches in a small auditorium just to fit them all.

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