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Herriman family devastated after dream home for elderly parents is destroyed by fire, community steps up to help

Posted at 6:16 PM, Sep 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-19 20:16:33-04

HERRIMAN -- An elderly couple in Herriman is looking to rebuild after a fire destroyed their home that was under construction.

“They were looking forward to it,” daughter-in-law Julie Kelsch said. She’s heartbroken for her in-laws Dale and Carole Kelsch.

For the past nine months, the Dale and Carol Kelsch's sons have been renovating an existing structure that sits on one of their son’s property. They were making good progress.

“They had just installed bathtubs. They just completed electrical, plumbing. We were ready to start the sheet rock,” Julie Kelsch said.

Dale and Carole Kelsch had big plans for the 1800 square foot dream home. They were especially excited to hold Sunday dinners and holiday get togethers.

“They were going to have a sewing room. She sews quilts for all of her grandkids,” Julie Kelsch said.

Those dreams faded away Saturday when a fire broke out in a field near the home.

“The fire took off, swung around and took out this house,” Julie Kelsch said.

In a matter of minutes, grandma and grandpa’s home was gone.

The insurance company won’t cover the damages, Julie Kelsch said, because the main home on the lot didn’t burn down, and the parents home is considered an “outlying structure.”

“The contractor told us it would be $150,000 to put it back to where it was.”

It will take some time for the couple to re-build and create memories.

“They’re incredibly resilient,” Julie Kelsch said.

With 24 children, 150 grandchildren and 50 great-grandchildren, the Kelsch’s can’t wait to bring the family all together under their roof.

“Dale and Carol, they lived a life of service. If we could provide them a home, that would be the ultimate act of service for them,” Julie Kelsch said.

The community has already donated thousands of dollars to help the couple re-build.

The Kelsch's have set up a gofundme page and have raised over $2,000 so far.