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‘The Place’ tries out Mystery Escape Room

Posted at 3:06 PM, Sep 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-21 17:07:02-04

From the moment one steps through the door at Mystery Escape Room located at Gateway mall in downtown Salt Lake City, it feels whimsical and full of intrigue. From the creepy portraits on the wall, to the mish-mash of antiques lining shelves, it reads as a less-scary, more mysterious, Haunted Mansion from Disneyland.

I had rallied some of 'The Place' staff, along with viewers Kennedy, Levi and Marty, to sign up for the Grimm's Enchanted Escape room. After meeting our actor-guide, R. R. R. Roland, we were taken via "time machine" (a very high-tech, impressive experience in itself) to a mysterious, small room that indeed had a "fairy tale" vibe.

There were at least 6 of us, and we paired up to tackle the seemingly endless amount of puzzles it took to escape the room. From arranging the Seven Dwarves' strewn items correctly on a shelf, to solving rune-written riddles, to finding hidden keys, the journey was a non-stop head-scratcher! One comfort was our actor/guide, who was available for questions and banter via a camera and speaker.

When our hour was up, we had gotten close but did not finish all the puzzles needed to win. The Type-A in me was grateful that our guide walked us through how to finish the room, so that we could have some closure (and I could sleep at night!).

It was a great experience, where I learned I'm smarter than I thought (although apparently not smart enough to solve ALL of the puzzles), and it was wonderful to bond with the group. I would imagine it would make for a great birthday party or Girls'/Guys' Night Out or first date...or any occasion during which you wish to grow closer to your teammates!

The decor and puzzles were incredibly well thought-out - highly imaginative and elaborate - and it truly felt like we were in our own little world for that 60-minutes of wonder.

Almost all ages are welcome, and there are rooms that vary by thrill level. Groups can have between four and 12 players.

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