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Many dogs in bad shape after being rescued from hoarding situation, non-profit hopes to help

Posted at 10:47 AM, Sep 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-22 12:47:42-04

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah -- Hearts4Paws owner Laurie Epperson, took 16 of the 146 dogs rescued from a hoarding situation in Taylorsville last month, two of which were pregnant.

“That’s the sad part about all of this. These dogs were in a lot of pain,” said Epperson.

Right now, she's trying to get them ready for their forever homes.

“It's a miracle really that any of the puppies survived in that outcome,” said Epperson.

A little dog named Ginger had to be rushed to the emergency room Thursday night.

“She was pregnant. She was five pounds, pregnancy weight, with six babies and she started having a miscarriage and losing the babies,” Epperson said.

Another dog named Ping Pong is now on medication because of a severe respiratory problem. She also had to have all of her teeth removed along with a sty on her eye that was scratching her cornea.

“Some of these medical problems are because of that situation. There were feces in there and urine. The smells affect humans and dogs,” said Epperson.

Help is not something these dogs are used to.

“When I've tried to give them medication, they act like they've never had it before in their life. They'll actually spit it out. They'll fight you trying to get it down their throat,” said Epperson.

The issues are not just medical in nature.

“The ones that were born in the home with her are so unsocialized. I have some, that you could barely touch them because they haven't been handled by people before,” says Epperson.

All of these services are taking a huge toll on this local non-profit.

“It’s into thousands of dollars. I mean between x-rays, dentals, emergency visits to the doctors,” said Epperson.

However, for this devoted animal rescuer, there is no other option.

“Once I rescue these animals, I'm committed to them so whatever they need they're going to get,” said Epperson.

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