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Jordan School District reviewing plans for new school boundaries

Posted at 9:57 PM, Sep 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-26 00:15:25-04

RIVERTON, Utah — The Jordan School District is reviewing five plans for new school boundaries.

After nearly a year of studying growth projections, a committee unveiled the proposals at Tuesday’s school board meeting.

The district plans to open five new schools in fall 2019 and a sixth in 2020. It believes these adjustments are necessary.

“I’m not sure this bold of a move has ever been done before,” said Darrell Robinson, a member of the Jordan School Board. “It’s growing pains, and we are always going to have some change in this part of the valley.”

Practically every school in the district is being impacted. One goal of the project is to better allocate the district’s resources.

“We have 1400 seats in high schools that are available, but some of our schools are overcrowded,” Robinson said.

Some students will be forced to attend different schools next year and the board expects to receive some pushback from those asked to make changes.

“There will be some families that are upset. We can’t always make them happy,” said Jordan School Board president Janice Voorhies.

Families have until Oct. 21 to review the plans and submit their input to the district. The district plans to choose one of the five plans by Nov. 13.

You can find a link to the proposed changes here.