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Moab Police ‘about 101% confident’ warrants aren’t paid with gift cards, warn residents of scams

Posted at 7:16 AM, Sep 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-25 09:16:13-04

MOAB, Utah — Moab Police poked a little fun during a serious warning to residents this week.

Moab City Police posted Monday about an increase in scam calls in the area, and they say the scams varied but in all cases the fraudster threatened the victim with arrest unless they paid a warrant or other fine.

Police say one caller said they were with Grand County Police Department, which they noted does not exist. That scammer demanded the caller make a payment via Google Play gift cards or face arrest.

“We’re about 101% confident that no police department anywhere in the world requires Google Play, Target, Ikea, iTunes, etc. gift cards for payment of fines or warrants,” the department stated.

Police say another common scam involves the IRS and unpaid taxes, but they say those scams are usually easy to spot as well:

 “Bottom line: If it doesn’t sound legit, it probably isn’t. If the caller identifies themselves as a law enforcement agent/officer, and they’re requesting money via any means, it’s probably fraud. If you’re concerned about the legitimacy of the call, contact the IRS or your local law enforcement agency. Our phone number is 435-259-8938.”

You can also find more information on common scams or report scam calls to the Utah Division of Consumer Protection online or by phone at 801-530-6601.